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Multi-Stage Heat Pumps Increase Comfort, Reduce Operating Costs

July 15, 2021
Heat Pump

Although a multi-stage heat pump can be more expensive to purchase, it will save you money with your ongoing energy bills in the long run.

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Why Is My Heat Pump Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

June 30, 2021
woman near power control panel

To help you identify potential issues, here are five common reasons your heat pump is tripping the circuit breaker.

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Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Hot Air on the Cool Setting?

May 28, 2021
Heat Pump with Remote

Is your heat pump heating when it should be cooling? Here are five reasons it might be blowing hot air on the cool setting.

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How Can I Get My Heat Pump to Last Longer?

May 14, 2021
Cute girl and father playing with dog.

From our experienced team, here are five steps you can take to keep your heat pump in top shape and make it last even longer.

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Why Is My Heat Pump Turning On and Off Frequently?

March 11, 2021
Why Is My Heat Pump Turning On and Off Frequently?

Homeowners generally favor heat pumps for their efficiency. However, a number of common issues can cause them to run very inefficiently. When your unit turns on and off continuously, this can significantly drive up your energy bill and damage its parts.

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Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air?

February 24, 2020
Cold Couple

Is your heat pump blowing cold air? Here are a few possibilities that could be the reason your Wylie, TX home is getting cold air instead of heat.

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Five Factors to Consider When Buying a Heat Pump

December 13, 2018
Family of three outside in winter clothing

So you’re looking to invest in a heat pump. You’re not alone––many Americans are making the switch. Why? For starters, heat pumps are generally more efficient than a traditional heating or cooling system. What’s more, they offer both heating and cooling, so they’re versatile. At Montgomery HVAC Service Company, we like to help our customers…

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Why Is My Heat Pump Making Loud Noises?

October 22, 2018
Man Kept Awake by Noise from heat pump

Heat pumps can be expected to make some noise. However, unusually loud noises point to a problem. If your system is reaching decibels impossible to ignore, you should turn it off to prevent further damages. Then give Montogmery HVAC Service Company a call at 972-442-5171 to schedule a repair visit. We’ll be able to quickly…

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Why Does My Heat Pump Smell Like It’s Burning?

January 15, 2018
Young Boy Looking out Window

You turn on your heat pump, and you smell something burning. What should you do? Who should you call? Learn more from Montgomery HVAC.

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Heat Pump vs. Furnace

November 1, 2017
Person wrapped in a blanket holding a drink in a mug

Looking to install a new heater in your home? Your two most popular choices in Wylie, TX, are a heat pump and a furnace. But which one to choose?

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Transitioning Your Heat Pump

October 18, 2017
Front of a House in the Fall

As cooler fall temperatures approach, you will need to transition your heat pump from being a cooling source to supplying heat. Learn how to go about this from Montgomery HVAC.

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Fall Maintenance for Your Heating System

October 9, 2017
Fall Maintenance

Whether you’re prepared or not, the summer months are moving aside for fall and cooler temps. That means here in Wylie, you need to think about preparing your HVAC system for fall maintenance.

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Heat Pump vs. Air Conditioner

July 3, 2017
Father and Son arm wrestle while mother watches

What is the difference between an air conditioner and a heat pump? Read more from Montgomery HVAC to find out.

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What are the Different Types of Heat Pumps?

June 5, 2017
Friends Summer Picnic

There are many different names of heat pumps, but they can all be categorized as one of three different types: air source, water source or geothermal. So what is the difference between them?

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