Commercial HVAC Spring Cleaning

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Spring is the perfect time to get your commercial HVAC system tuned up. As your heating systems winds down, this in between time provides a well deserved break in the action for your heating and cooling systems. Neither is overworked in the milder in-between weather. A regularly scheduled maintenance call once or twice a year can help assure that your heating and cooling systems will run optimally year round. Many heating and cooling systems will fail because of a lack of regular maintenance. Get into a routine. The experts here at Montgomery HVAC Service Company will be happy to come out to your building in Wylie and check your commercial heating and cooling systems, and get you on a regular schedule, either once or twice a year.

Things that you, the building owner, can do yourself:

Your air quality, and the integrity of your entire systems depend on clean filters. How often do they need to be replaced? Do you have a system in place to ensure that they are replaced appropriately? A dirty filter will compromise the effectiveness of your system and also the health of the people in your building. Make sure all the ducts are freely flowing, and not blocked or dirty. Make sure that an outdoor air conditioning unit isn’t dirty, or being encroached by leaves. Keep your building clean. Any dust that accumulates will get circulated and recirculated. Sure, there are things that you can do yourself, but for the most part, you’ll definitely need professional technicians to keep things running smoothly.

Things that Montgomery HVAC Service Company can do:

Everything else! No, really, an HVAC system is like the heart and lungs of your building. It keeps you and the people in your building comfortable and safe. And Montgomery HVAC Service Company is here to help. Professional technicians check the condenser unit, wiring, refrigerant levels, drain lines, blower fan, evaporator coils, pulleys, belts and everything in between. With regular maintenance calls, your heating and cooling systems will have a longer life, saving you money in the long run. You will surely end up paying more if you do not have regular maintenance calls. Also, if you have regularly scheduled maintenance calls, it is easier to keep your manufacturer’s warranties intact. This should offer you peace of mind, and save you money, should you experience any trouble down the road.

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